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PBBM Signs ‘Trabaho Para Sa Bayan Act’ to Address Employment and Economic Issues

Last September 2023, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. officially approved the “Trabaho Para sa Bayan Act,” a piece of legislation designed to tackle issues such as unemployment, lack of jobs, and various labor market challenges in the Philippines.

According to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the enactment of the Trabaho Para sa Bayan Act is a significant step towards realizing the Philippine Development Plan’s objective of creating additional employment opportunities for Filipinos.

“The Trabaho Para sa Bayan Act is a significant milestone towards the sustainable and inclusive development of our country,” President Marcos Jr. said.

He also added that “It will help us solve the various challenges plaguing our labor sector such as low-quality jobs, skills mismatch, and underemployment among others.”

The Trabaho Para sa Bayan Inter-Agency Council (TPB-IAC), led by NEDA Secretary Arsenio Balisacan, will be tasked with crafting a comprehensive blueprint focused on boosting employment opportunities and fostering economic revival in the Philippines.

NEDA Secretary Balisacan also stated that they “support Trabaho Para sa Bayan Act as it contributes to the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028, which aims to increase employability, expand access to employment opportunities, and achieve shared labor market governance.”

With co-chairpersons from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), along with representatives from various government bodies and sectors, the TPB-IAC will play a pivotal role.

Moreover, the council will conduct a thorough assessment of the country’s employment landscape and labor market dynamics to ensure efficient resource allocation and synergy with government initiatives.

Alongside this, the TPB-IAC will extend its support to local government units, aiding them in the formulation and implementation of region-specific plans and programs to promote job creation and economic recovery, all in alignment with the Trabaho Para sa Bayan Plan.

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