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11 Best Museums to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a captivating country known for its natural beauty, warm hospitality, and vibrant culture. As a nation with a rich history and diverse heritage, it comes as no surprise that it is home to numerous remarkable museums. These museums offer a glimpse into the country's past, providing...

Philippine Jeepneys: Cool and Creative Pinoy Jeepney Designs

What is a Jeepney in the Philippines? Jeepneys or jeeps are a popular and affordable mode of public transportation in the Philippines, which can be found all over the country and are a vital part of the Filipino transportation system. They are often used to transport passengers to various destinations,...

13 Filipina Fashion Influencers to Follow on Social Media for Style-Inspo

Filipina fashion influencers have been taking the social media world by storm, showcasing their unique style, creativity, and passion for fashion. These influencers have not only made a name for themselves in the Philippines, but some of them have also gained recognition on the global stage.  So if you're looking...

7 Must-Watch Filipino Animated Movies and Series That Need More Hype

Most of us probably grew up watching several kinds of animated movies and TV shows that we loved as a kid. When it comes to animated movies and series, we relied heavily on foreign production because animation isn’t really the strong suit of the Philippine entertainment industry. Compared to...

7 Best K-Pop Themed Cafes in the Philippines

There’s definitely no denying that K-pop made a huge impact musically in the Philippines over the past few years, especially with various K-pop male and female idol groups, rookie groups, as well as solo artists making a hit and releasing music that just sits right for many Filipino fangirls...

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