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Senate Advocates for Free Dentures and Dental Checkups Through PhilHealth

With the profound impact of dental issues on individuals’ daily lives, from basic functions like eating and speaking to employability. Senator Raffy Tulfo sees the necessity of providing accessible dental care services such as free dentures and dental checkups to beneficiaries of PhilHealth, contributing to a higher quality of life for Filipinos across all socioeconomic backgrounds.

“Dental health is an integral component of overall health and well-being, yet, access to dental services remains limited and often unaffordable for many Filipinos,” the Senator emphasized.

The Senate Resolution 1021, advocated by Senator Tulfo calls for the Senate Health and Demography Committee to review the feasibility and necessity of amending the UHC Law to incorporate dental health services.

As stated in the resolution, “The current coverage provided by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth under the UHC Act does not explicitly include dental health services and procedures, leaving a significant gap in access to essential dental care.”

He also writes, “The inability to access affordable dental care, including dentures, disproportionately affects marginalized populations and weighs in on existing disparities in oral health outcomes.”

Referring to a 2018 National Health Survey, the senator highlighted that approximately 73 million Filipinos are afflicted with dental caries or tooth decay.

He further pointed out that “access to dental health services is not only a matter of public health but also of economic productivity,” because this equates to the negative impact poor dental upkeep can have on employment opportunities and professional growth.

“The provision of dentures, as a prosthetic solution for tooth loss, can restore oral function, and enhance self-esteem and confidence for individuals who cannot afford dental treatment,” the senator added.

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