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13 Places to Buy the Best Kakanin in Metro Manila

The vibrant and diverse food scene in the Philippines allows us to explore a wide array of culinary delights — and among the standout Filipino delicacies is kakanin, a beloved category of traditional rice-based snacks and desserts. From the soft and moist puto to the colorful sapin-sapin and sticky biko, kakanin embodies the rich heritage and flavors of Filipino cuisine. So in this blog, we will take you on a flavorful journey, highlighting some of the best places in Metro Manila to indulge in the delectable world of kakanin.

1. Arny Dading’s Peachy-Peachy

Photo Source: Arny Dading’s Peachy-Peachy

Arny-Dading’s Native Delicacies is known for its wide range of kakanin offerings, and one of their specialties that deserves special mention is their pichi-pichi. This delightful kakanin is a crowd favorite, as it features a soft and chewy texture with a combination of sweet and salty flavors. Made with cassava, sugar, and topped with Arny-Dading’s Peachy-Peachy is a yummy treat that showcases the perfect balance of flavors.

Aside from the famous peachy-peachy, they also have a wide range of kakanin that’s worth trying such as, kutsinta, maja blanca, bibingka, sapin-sapin, and more. 

2. Dolor’s Kakanin

Photo Source: Dolor’s Kakanin

Dolor’s Kakanin is popularly known for its assorted kakanin in a round red box, with sapin-sapin being a crowd-favorite among their products. 

They initially introduced a wide array of products that encompassed a diverse range of flavors, including traditional Filipino delicacies such as sapin-sapin, kalamay kutsinta, kalamay ube, kamoteng kahoy, biko, kutsintang bilog, maja blanca, bikong malagkit, tibok-tibok, palitaw, and more. 

With each bite, customers experience the perfect balance of sweetness and texture that sets Dolor’s Kakanin apart. Buying from Dolor’s Kakanin ensures a taste of authentic Filipino kakanin made with passion and expertise, making it a must-visit place for kakanin enthusiasts.

3. Amber

Photo Source: Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants

Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants is a well-established dining chain that offers a variety of Filipino dishes, including their specialty kakanin. Known for their sumptuous pichi-pichi, Amber’s kakanin showcases the richness and diversity of Filipino flavors. Their pichi-pichi, made from grated cassava and coated in grated coconut, offers a delightful combination of chewy texture and sweet coconut flavor, making it a must-try treat that keeps customers coming back for more.

4. Ferino’s Bibingka 

Photo Source: Ferino’s Bibingka Original

Ferino’s Bibingka is a renowned establishment that has been serving traditional bibingka for several decades. With their expertise and dedication to preserving the authentic flavors, Ferino’s Bibingka has become a go-to destination for bibingka lovers.

Whether enjoyed during the Christmas season or any time of the year, Ferino’s Bibingka offers a palatable taste of Filipino tradition that should not be missed.

5. Via Mare

Photo Source: Via Mare

A staple in the Filipino dining scene, Via Mare is renowned for its classic Filipino dishes, including an impressive selection of kakanin. Their bibingka and puto bumbong are among the best in the city, a top tier kakanin (if we must say), as they capture the essence of traditional flavors while adding a touch of sophistication. 

6. Decena’s Puto Calasiao

Photo Source: Decena Puto-Calasiao

When it comes to really appetizing puto selections, Decena’s Puto Calasiao has got to be one of your options! It is a well-known establishment that specializes in the beloved Filipino delicacy, Puto Calasiao. With its origins in the town of Calasiao in Pangasinan, Puto Calasiao is a type of rice cake known for its small, bite-sized portions and unique texture. Decena’s Puto Calasiao is highly regarded for its soft and fluffy texture, achieved through meticulous preparation and the use of high-quality ingredients.

7. Tita Paring Suman Latik

Photo Source: Greenhills Mall

Tita Paring’s Suman Latik stands out for its exceptional quality and authentic flavors. Made with glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, their suman is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. It is then served with a generous drizzling of latik, a sweet sauce made from coconut milk and sugar. Tita Paring’s Suman Latik offers a tasty combination of soft, sticky rice and sweet coconut sauce, creating a truly indulgent and satisfying treat. For an exquisite taste of this beloved Filipino kakanin, Tita Paring Suman Latik is the place to visit!

8. Rocha’s Puto and Kutsinta

Photo Source: Rocha’s Puto and Kutsinta

For your puto and kutsinta indulgence, try Rocha’s Puto and Kutsinta. They showcase the expertise and dedication to craftsmanship, ensuring that each bite delivers an authentic and satisfying experience. Whether enjoyed as a snack or dessert, Rocha’s creations are a must-try for kakanin enthusiasts seeking traditional Filipino flavors.

9. Aling Kika’s Food Products

Photo Source: Aling Kika’s Food Products

With a commitment to quality and preserving traditional recipes, Aling Kika’s has become one of the go-to destinations for kakanin lovers. Their specialty kakanin offerings include the classic bibingka and puto bumbong, which are both prepared with meticulous attention to detail and using authentic ingredients. 

10. Susie’s Cuisine

Photo Source: Susie’s Cuisine

Although they offer a wide selection of Filipino dishes, Susie’s Cuisine has also become synonymous with delectable kakanin. Their specialties include a variety of kakanin such as inutak, sapin-sapin, kutsinta, and maja blanca, each carefully crafted using quality ingredients.

What sets Susie’s Cuisine apart is their consistent quality, authentic flavors, and the sheer variety of kakanin options they offer. Whether you’re craving a classic Filipino kakanin or simply seeking a unique kakanin creation, Susie’s Cuisine is a must-visit destination for kakanin enthusiasts looking to savor the true essence of Filipino flavors.

11. Tita Letty’s Pinoy Deli

Photo Source: Tita Letty’s Pinoy Deli

Tita Letty’s Pinoy Deli offers a range of kakanin options that showcase the rich heritage of Filipino cuisine. From their mouthwatering bibingka to their sumptuous kutsinta and sapin-sapin, you definitely won’t regret giving their kakanin products a try. 

12. Deliziosa

Photo Source: Deliziosa Ph

Deliziosa is a hidden gem when it comes to kakanin in Metro Manila. This humble establishment is known for its tasty selection of traditional Filipino kakanin. With a focus on quality and taste, Deliziosa offers kakanin that are made using traditional recipes and techniques, bringing out flavors that will transport you to the heart of Filipino culinary heritage. 

13. Estee’s Native Kakanin

Photo Source: Estee’s Native Kakanin

Estee’s Native Kakanin is a haven for those in search of authentic Filipino delicacies. With a focus on preserving time-honored flavors and techniques, they present a wide selection of kakanin, such as puto, suman, sapin-sapin, and more that truly embodies the country’s native dishes. From the irresistibly chewy pichi-pichi to the creamy maja blanca, each kind of kakanin is a must-try!

There’s nothing like the flavors of different Filipino kakanin, don’t you agree? Kayo ba, what’s your favorite kakanin?

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