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Filipino Fitness Influencers to Follow on TikTok for Some ‘Fitspiration’

Staying consistent and motivated to workout is not easy, and it’s a common struggle for people who want to start their health and fitness journey. The reality is: some days you feel so pumped up to go on a heavy sweat sesh and lose those belly fats, but on other days, you just want to lounge, rest, and eat good food — and that’s perfectly fine! You don’t always wake up feeling all too giddy to lift those weights, run on the treadmill, or even go for a 30-minute walk along your neighborhood

However, it also doesn’t mean that you’ll let go of your fitness goals. So when you’re feeling unmotivated or bored with your usual workout routine, you just have to find other routines that can work well with kick-starting your drive to workout. That’s why we have listed down some of the best Filipino fitness influencers that you should follow on TikTok to get some ‘fitspiration.’ Whether you have been working out for quite some time or you have just started your very first workout routine, these Filipino fitness influencers can be helpful in guiding and motivating you to keep going in your fitness journey.

1. Brent Seniedo – @brenthlete

@brenthlete #CalorieDeficit #FoodTrackPH #TikTokFitPH #TikTokSportsPH ♬ Everybody by Backstreet Boys – Brent Seniedo

Brent Seniedo, better known as “brenthlete” on TikTok is a business owner from Cebu. But he is now recognized on social media, most especially on TikTok as a fitness influencer and inspiration, which has brought him over 900k followers. 

If you’re into fitness content on TikTok, you may have already come across Brent’s videos, sharing ways on how to do proper calorie deficit (to consume in moderation), exercises that target different parts of the body, tips on how to do different exercises correctly that will help give results, and busting myths about losing weight. The best part about Brent’s content is that he adds humor, which makes them more relatable and interesting to watch, particularly for beginners. 

2. Anne Aniag – @fitmomprojectph

@fitmomprojectph CLICK YELLOW BASKET FORDA SHORTS!!! THERE ARE A LOOOT OF OPTIONS! #fitness #fitmomprojectph #BellyBurnChallenge #Tiktokfitph #fitnesscoach #WEIGHTLOSS #balikalindog #bestoftiktokph #workoutchallenge ♬ Pagodao Do Birimbola x Give it to me – Kuya Magik

Anne Aniag is an ISSA Nutritionist, fitness coach, and a mom, which makes her appear very endearing and inspiring to her followers. Her videos are especially motivating because of the bright and positive energy she exudes while doing different exercise challenges such as the squat challenge, cardio challenge, plank challenge, and more. Coach Anne also shares tips on how to have better eating habits and maintain a healthier lifestyle. She also created “Fit From Home,” a virtual coaching program that is designed to help people with their fitness goals, providing people with a support system as they further their fitness journey. 

3. Camille Medina – @_camillemedina

@_camillemedina Workout Challenge! Tag the person you wanna challenge 😉 try it, duet it, and tag me 💪🏼 #TikTokAwards2022 #workoutchallenge #fitnesschallenge #pushupchallenge #plankchallenge #tiktokfitph #tiktoksportsph #tiktokfitness #GoGirlChallenge ♬ fernanda so hot – cocoa

When it comes to doing workouts at home, outdoors, and even in the gym, Camille Medina surely has something to share. She does not only share workout content such as body weight HIIT workout ideas, upper body workout routine, etc., but she also posts videos about skincare routine, what she eats in a day — and well, basically just enjoying life while maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

4. AR Resurreccion – @ar.resurreccion

@ar.resurreccion Reply to @elias_amv Reply to comments Part 181 😊 #SummerShred #startstrongwithtiktok #TikTokSkwela #workoutwithme #COOLinsideandout #LearnOnTikTok ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

AR Resurreccion is a TikTok fitness influencer that focuses on sharing content about workouts, specifically weight training and building strength and muscles. He also shares tips for beginners, uncovers myths about weight loss, and posts about how you can stay consistent in your workouts and fitness without depriving yourself with food, encouraging his audience to get more into calorie deficit rather than aiming for instant results. 

5. Majah Resuello – @__majah

@__majah #tiktokfitph #fitfamph #gymgrind #workout #girlswholift #GetFitWithMajFit ♬ Way down We Go – KALEO

If you’re entering your “self-love” phase, then you should check out Majah Resuello — because she is definitely oozing a lot of that energy. Her workout videos are mostly done in the gym setting where you can see her lifting heavy weights, doing pull ups, handstands, and other active workouts. Majah is all about encouraging her audience to stay consistent in their workouts and having healthy habits to attain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy body, mind, career, and relationship with people. She also shares tips that you can do to improve your workouts. 

6. Kristina Luisa – @kristinaluisa 

@kristinaluisa If you are trying to be active, I have an idea for you! Try this: 4 SETS I 40 SEC I 10 SEC OFF A1. Vacuums B1. Plank C1. Shoulder Taps C2. Donkey Kick . . DISCLAIMER NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Commit and achieve your goals by signing up for our BBK 7 promo — Join our community of supportive Queens because we got your back! Love, Coach K #workoutlikekristina #homeworkoutmotivation #homeworkoutguide #coretraining #coreexercises #bodyweightexercises ♬ 10 Things I Hate About You – Leah Kate

For those who are looking for beginner-friendly workouts that you can do at home, Kristina Luisa is your girl. Whether it’s for the legs, arms, upper body, booty, core, full body, or even if it’s with weights, she has a workout suggestion that you can try! She also posts content about how you can stay motivated in your fitness journey.

Think of a healthy lifestyle as a commitment that you’re doing for yourself — to take care of your mind and body. One of the thing’s that these fitness influencers have in common is consistency. And just like anyone else, it wasn’t easy for them to reach their fitness goals because it took time, but with discipline and consistency, they were able to slowly achieve their fitness goals. 

We hope that they do inspire you in your fitness journey!

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